I'm working with Georgina on another studionumbersix project at the moment. We've been doing lots of research for the book, which we'll be publicly printing at Enblanco, in Berlin in June. The story is beginning to take shape, and I thought I'd post a little peek of some sketchbook work. We've both been doing lots of science... I wish I'd been better in science at school.


So, 18th March looming, I had a look at the Mother's day cards on the market and was rather disappointed. My mum is loving, intelligent, strong, protective, funny, loyal, steadfast and then some. So a card with flowers, or Bambi, or some kittens on just won't cut the mustard...

Result: I made these letterpress cards - my tribute to my fantastic mother, and all those other super-mothers: the ones who work/help/advise/attend with grace, loyalty and love. How do they do it? They really are MIGHTY & MARVELLOUS.
The cards are printed in two colour variants: #01 Peas & Ham: my new rhyming slang for 'Mam', and #02 Pistachio & Raspberry :Mum who is sweet with true grit.

If you'd like one, they'll be on my shop tomorrow (just waiting for the raspberry layer to dry!)...