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BACK BERLIN! Is a little venture that Georgina, my dad (Harry) and I have entered into. Well, really, my dad is doing all the donkey work (excuse the sort-of-pun). 
We're trying to raise some money to finance our exhibition in Berlin in June 2012. We're being curated by Bettina Wenzel and the good people at enblanco have invited us to exhibit, but we need some backing to get ourselves and our kit over there. While we're exploring more traditional routes - funding applications to recognised bodies etc., we thought we would also make some efforts ourselves.
George and I have invested a modest stake with Harry, to back some horses in a kind of accumulator (but not really) way. We're starting on Saturday at Ascot and will tot up our wins/losses after the Grand National (April 14th). Lets hope my dad really does know a bit about horses.  We wanted to report on the whole thing as a little pre-project, and will do so on our blogs. I've made Harry a little documentation pack (Track Record if you will) so he can keep us up to date with how our investment is looking...

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