This past month I've been working on a 2012 'Calendar for Romantics'.  It's about a couple, who meet in January, and tells their story over the following year.  Each month has references to that particular time of year; sometimes to do with nature, sometimes about how that time of year evokes certain feelings; and these references are interwoven into the couple's story.  It's a little whimsical and a lot romantic.  
The black for the pages has been screen-printed already and I'm going to print the covers on Saturday and then add a spot colour to each page, which will hopefully really bring the illustrations to life.  The tops will be punched with a hole and strung so that the calendar can hang, and pages turn easily.  I'll post photos of the finished thing just as soon as it's done and then it'll be available for sale in my shop.


Yvonne Wiecek said...

wonderful idea, can't wait to see the finished product!

studionumbersix said...

Thanks Yvonne. I'm just finishing off the calendars (spot colour) and they should be done very soon - watch this space!
Thanks for your comment