Last August Georgie and I went to The Cold Press, in Norfolk, to complete a two week print residency, and I made six prints.  The prints and boxes were all finished the other week and I collected my artist's proof when we went up to London last week.

The prints tell two linked stories - one about a severe ice storm that hit the UK in 1940, and the other the story of a mission my Grandfather flew in during WW2. The two stories are linked visually, through characters, and through their similar narratives of incorrect/suppressed weather reports (the UK ice storm was hushed up at the time - it was thought that if the enemy had knowledge of its severity it would be damaging).

I made plates using etching and drypoint, and these have been hand printed beautifully in a limited edition of 8 sets by The Cold Press, collated in a hand made portfolio along with a letterpressed colophon and account of the Camp Geck mission written by Harry Nixon (my grandfather's best friend).  

I am pleased as punch with the results - it has all been presented so beautifully and I'm really grateful to Ben & Kate for all their hard work.  Also, thank you to Harry Nixon & Ruth (Harry's daughter) for all their help in getting the account of the mission down in writing.

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