'Selchie' - Two colour silkscreen print on Fabriano paper

A few months ago, after reading some stories from David Thompson's collection The People Of The Sea: Celtic Tales of the Seal-Folk, I made some ink drawings.  And now I've used the drawings to make this two colour silkscreen print in bluey + browny acrylic.  The print is based on a myth about a seal killer Angus Raudh, who was taken under the sea by a strange man with a seal for a father.  By the end of the story Angus has made a pact never to kill another seal.


WISPR said...

Perhaps the best-known selchie story concerns an earthly woman whose mysterious lover is a selchie; this is the story told in the ballad The Great Selkie of Sule Skerrie.

studionumbersix said...

Thank you. I haven't finished David Thompson's book yet, perhaps it appears in there in some form. I'll endeavour to find the story. Thanks for the tip!

Vicky Clark said...

Hi Alex, only just saw this. I'm reading a book right now called "We the Drowned" - full of rich characters and sea faring tales. I kind of picture your drawings when I am reading it.