MR & MRS GREN is finished! Georgina Hounsome and I completed a week long residency at The Exchange in Penzance and made a whole book, well forty whole books! The book is a sort of romance, exploring what it is to be alive (movement, respiration, sensitivity etc. - science) and what it is to feel alive (memory, romance, guilt etc. - poetry) through Walter and Vivienne's story. It is made entirely by hand, using silkscreen and letterpress printing, and is bound in smart grey cloth with a letter-pressed slip to keep it all tidy and clean.
You can see photographs of all the stages in the book making process and our daily residency blog posts at studionumbersix, where there's also information about how to buy one (£18+p&p). Hope you like it.


Caty Karther said...

First of lot of congratulation to you such that you have written and maintained a book in your long spending at one place. Your this hard work requires a lot of appreciation. And I also praise your work.

studionumbersix said...

Thank you Caty! Alex

WISPR said...

this is very informative post here...Thanks to the author for such a nice work..