A short story I drew. A tragedy, based on an old newspaper article I found.
I entered it for the Comica/Jonathan Cape competition, but alas, no luck.


Emma said...

This is beautiful

Lindsey Spinks said...

I adore your work!

alexhiglett said...

Thank you both

alexhiglett said...
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vicky clark said...

Their loss!!

Jasmine Fung said...

Hi Alex,

This is Jasmine, an illustrator from HK. I'm looking for a MA Illustration course in UK and luckily I found you in the study guide of Falmouth .

I will be grateful if you'd share your experience with me by email. So I can know more about your study life in Falmouth? eg. is it research-based or taught-based. Any interesting project experience?

My email is jasminef@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks in advance :)