A fetching Christmas jumper (mine!) and Christmas goodies on my stall at the library-
which you can also buy through my website shop at: www.alexhiglett.com


A short story I drew. A tragedy, based on an old newspaper article I found.
I entered it for the Comica/Jonathan Cape competition, but alas, no luck.


Click here to see the poster I did for Project Space 11's Agitprop.


In August, Georgie and I went to Norfolk to do a residency at The Cold Press.
I'll hopefully get images of the prints up on here soon, but in the mean time, here are some sunny photographs I took on our days off...

Another peek at the short story I'm working on at the moment. I'm hoping to get it finished by Christmas. See the post for March for earlier work on the same story...


Extracts from 'Consider the Summer'

I produced a booklet of 'seasonal notes' to sell at the Morrab Summer Fete. It contains story fragments, both fact and fiction, other seasonal musings, drawings and photographs. There are still copies left which are available, for just £2.50, through the shop page on my website - www.alexhiglett.com


One and all are invited and very welcome to visit our studio - May bank holiday weekend & the following one.
Lots of drawings, paintings, prints and things to look at and purchase, AND you can benefit from half price entry to Trewidden Gardens during Open Studios where you can see the Jurassic Pit and sample a fine cream tea.
Look forward to seeing you there...


This is my entry for an internet-based ongoing fairy tale project. Each invited artist adds a piece of work and/or text to create the story. You can see my work and the other entries in sequence on the website here...


This is a short story I've been working on in my sketchbook of late. It's fun to do painting and I'm enjoying imagining myself in a smoky, dimly-lit bar narrating the whole thing with a voice rather deeper than my own.
It's loosely based on a true story of infidelity and murder (I've been playing around with the plot, characters and setting quite a lot to suit what I'd like to draw).
I'm planning to finish it up and get it out as a small publication in the near future...


This is a compilation of drawings from my visit to the Stasi headquarters and museum when we were in Berlin in October.
I think it was the best museum I've been to, and I took lots of photographs.
I'm still drawing around the subject and looking at Germany under the GDR for a possible story.


Some drawings I've done for the band Bare Threads, inspired by their song title 'Wasted Nights',
sort of about a missed opportunity on one night, but on lots of nights too.




Don't focus on my face. But grand spot of publicity, thank you thisiscornwall...
My all-new website is up and running: www.alexhiglett.com
please take a look from time to time and get in touch if you have any comments or anything.
Thanks folks!

'The Disappointment' - a short story fragment I've been working on. Trying to express, or hint at, plenty of background information about characters in just a few images. Practicing economical storytelling...

If you copy and paste this link into the address bar it should take you to my entry for the V&A student illustration awards.
Fingers crossed...