The Island

A tiny post to redirect you to a bigger post... Our book, The Island, which Georgina and I have been working on for months, was completed in residence at Enblanco Gallery in Berlin last month. It is now all smartly photographed and visible for all the world to see (and purchase if inclined) on the studio blog. You can find a page dedicated to it  >> here <<  It was a brilliant project to work on, and we're both really pleased with the outcome. The blue is ever so good.


Apologies for not posting for absolutely ages. I have been very busy on various projects, mainly 'The Island' with Georgie (over on studionumbersix) but more on that to come. In the meantime, I'm going to try and post all the stuff that I've been meaning to post since March. First up...

Yesterday The House of Illustration announced the winner of their Folio Society competition to illustrate three of Angela Carter's short stories for a new book. It was not me. It was someone else. I made it into the top twenty apparently, but thus far and no further. You can see the runners up (Iro Tsavala's is particularly good), & winner here, and my entry is below, inspired by Indian miniatures among other things. 


I'm working with Georgina on another studionumbersix project at the moment. We've been doing lots of research for the book, which we'll be publicly printing at Enblanco, in Berlin in June. The story is beginning to take shape, and I thought I'd post a little peek of some sketchbook work. We've both been doing lots of science... I wish I'd been better in science at school.


So, 18th March looming, I had a look at the Mother's day cards on the market and was rather disappointed. My mum is loving, intelligent, strong, protective, funny, loyal, steadfast and then some. So a card with flowers, or Bambi, or some kittens on just won't cut the mustard...

Result: I made these letterpress cards - my tribute to my fantastic mother, and all those other super-mothers: the ones who work/help/advise/attend with grace, loyalty and love. How do they do it? They really are MIGHTY & MARVELLOUS.
The cards are printed in two colour variants: #01 Peas & Ham: my new rhyming slang for 'Mam', and #02 Pistachio & Raspberry :Mum who is sweet with true grit.

If you'd like one, they'll be on my shop tomorrow (just waiting for the raspberry layer to dry!)...


There seems to be a lot of wedding-realted stuff occurring lately... I was commissioned to design and print some fine, monogrammed correspondence stationery as a wedding present - the couple's first 'Mr & Mrs' ephemera and something just for the two of them.
Mr & Mrs Morris' set is letterpress printed in three colours - Pathalo Blue, Ice Blue and Raspberry, and includes: 36 calling cards // 36 square postcards // 36 sheets of ivory writing paper // 36 sheets of coloured writing paper.

The whole thing is printed by hand on the Adana letterpress and comes with appropriate envelopes, all wrapped up in a cloth bound presentation box. I sourced paper, enveloped, box and printed the whole thing to order, so it really was a special gift, and it looks ever so smart, even if I do say so myself. 

If anyone would like a quote for some personalised stationery or anything similar, then I'll happily oblige. Just email me at: alexhiglett@hotmail.com.


A few weeks ago, Louise & Steve commissioned me to design and print their wedding invitations. They're having a 1940s rock'n'roll band playing at their reception, and wanted me to highlight the dancing + village hall element of their day. The classic red and blue are a nod to a kind of village green vintage and the subtle gold brings it up a notch for the special occasion. I screenprinted the invitations on Saturday (120 x 3colours = shoulders a bit sore) on some good stiff 100% recycled card and we decided on brown recycled envelopes. So they're all packed up and ready to be delivered to the happy couple - Thanks to Louise & Steve for a lovely commission.



File:Muybridge race horse animated.gif

BACK BERLIN! Is a little venture that Georgina, my dad (Harry) and I have entered into. Well, really, my dad is doing all the donkey work (excuse the sort-of-pun). 
We're trying to raise some money to finance our exhibition in Berlin in June 2012. We're being curated by Bettina Wenzel and the good people at enblanco have invited us to exhibit, but we need some backing to get ourselves and our kit over there. While we're exploring more traditional routes - funding applications to recognised bodies etc., we thought we would also make some efforts ourselves.
George and I have invested a modest stake with Harry, to back some horses in a kind of accumulator (but not really) way. We're starting on Saturday at Ascot and will tot up our wins/losses after the Grand National (April 14th). Lets hope my dad really does know a bit about horses.  We wanted to report on the whole thing as a little pre-project, and will do so on our blogs. I've made Harry a little documentation pack (Track Record if you will) so he can keep us up to date with how our investment is looking...